Final Form… Kind of.

Here’s the current run down of what going on in the paludarium monitor.

Still working on placing the components. I am sick of making projects that have a poorly organized implementation. I am trying to figure out what makes the most sense in terms of minimizing wire mess.

I designed the enclosure on boxes.pi which is a super cool online Editor that lets you alter the dimensions and a few other simple variables of various box styles and then outputs to a PDF or .AI file. You can download the software for free and run it yourself, with more design freedom.

I had the designs cut at a local laser cutting shop on 3mm Baltic ply. They also cut acrylics, so my mind is already thinking of various new additions that could be cut in acrylic for the tank.

In the box:

  • 12v 10a power supply fed to a small board that supplies 12v for the 5630 LED lights. The same board uses a lm805 to drop the voltage to 5v for powering the Arduino and other devices.
  • Another circuit that delivers power from a 5v 30a power supply to the RGB LEDs and consolidates the data lines into a single wire for data out.
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • RTC module to keep time
  • Small board to consolidate toggle switches, indicator LEDs and dimmer.
  • 8 channel relay board (not shown) to control electrical devices above the 5V supplied by the Arduino.
  • D1 mini. This has no purpose yet, but planning ahead and trying to make sure there is room for the future wifi expansion.
  • Fan to keep electronics from getting overheated.
  • 20*4 LCD screen to display temps and other data real time.