Enclosure? What closure?

This is a slightly altered version of the design for DEAL BREAKER’s project box. It makes me look like I am much more proficient at this kind of thing than I actually am, but hey… fake it till you make it.

The box was designed on this great online editor called boxes.py. It is written in Python and you can use a limited online editor (which I did) or download the software and run it on your computer in python. The version that runs on your computer allows for much more customization.

Once I had the basic dimensions and attributes of the box figured out the program output this image as an .ai .svg or .pdf file.

I then brought the file into Illustrator and starting adding shapes for the various fittings I wanted to mount directly on to the box. This included the cut-outs for the panel mounted sensor plugs (3/4″ TRS (tip, ring, sleeve – typically used with audio – like electric guitars), the LCD screen, holes to mount toggle switches, indicator LEDs, holes for the wires fed into the relays and for the various tank lights.

For a lot of these I used the data sheets to get the correct measurements, which is probably the most I have ever used a data sheet… but for some of them I guestimated and surprise, surprise – its bitten me in the ass a few times already. The indicator LED holes are way to big and I have to figure out how to mount them now…

I sent the finished design to a local Laser Cutting Studio and they got the finished product back to me in about 5 days for $70. The studio also does acrylic cutting, which is more expensive, but good to know.