This website is designed to be an ongoing journal documenting the construction, maintenance, development and experiments on a 75 Gallon Paludarium tank coupled with some form of computer control and monitoring.

The content here will be part observation, part instructional and part inspirational – a place to consolidate the various ideas, iterations and versions the tank has gone through while sharing mistakes, failures and successes. Tangential -yes, but tethered to this tank by no less than baroque cascading turns of phrase.

My hope is that this site – or one like it, can actually become a part of the system – visualizing real time data and integrating DIY IoT technology. That may mean embedding another platform on the site or developing my own micro server on Raspberry Pi at some point down the line.

This site will also act a way to explore the various interests that led me towards creating the paludarium. These include biological and ecological systems, aqua/hydroponics, fermentation, my desire to get a better grasp on the organic chemistry I wish I paid more attention to in high school, basic computer programming (Arduino primarily, but with a shift towards learning Python) and hardware configuration, electrical know-how, data science and analysis as well as a kind of ironic foray into ‘ornamental’ gardening.