Aliexpress is amazing.

I just received these powerful little LED’s. They are 5 watts each and run at about 1500mA each. I’ve hooked one up just to see it in action and it was blinding.

LG 3535 LED
-Power: 5w
– Color: White
-LED brand: LG(from South Korea)
-Luminous flux: 533 lm (IF Curren:1500mA )
-Conditional current:350-1500mA
-Forward voltage: 2.8-3.6V
-View angle:115 degree
-Working temperature:-20–70celsius degree

My plan it to hook up 8 of these LEDs over the tank for about 3500-4000 Lumens.

These LED’s go for about 11$ each at my favourite local electronics shop – I love this store and will continue to shop there (I bought my arduino Mega 2560 there) – but I got 10 of these little starboard LED’s for $6.03 Canadian, which included shipping and they arrived in about a month. I also purchased an LED driver for them, which cost about 9 dollars all in.

PS: I took this photo with a super old tablet that I’m using in lieu of my phone (which I lost on a bus coming home from an aquarium store). I figure the Renoir painting kind of compliments the blurry photo of the LEDs.


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